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The English manufacturer tvONE has been developing innovative products for the broadcast and ProAV market for more that 25 years. The wide range of products offers a variety of signal management components; from simple HDMI Switches to complex video wall controllers.

Future-proof products through CORIO technology

TV One develops its products not only with standard components, but also with intelligent FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array - "programmable circuits"). This makes it possible to transfer new features by firmware updates to devices already in use or customer-specific solutions can be offered.

The C2 series 

Videoscaler, Scan Converter, Seamless Switcher, Multi-Window-Processors with CORIO technology

All products with “C2” in the product name are based on the CORIO technology.

CORIO Features:

  • Image positioning and scaling with pixel accuracy
  • Zoom and pan function
  • Luma and chroma keying function
  • Image flip / Mirroring
  • Customer-specific output resolutions, for example for LED walls
  • Low latency

The new CORIO3 technology also offers

  • Rotating outputs through 360° in real-time
  • Warping function and Off Axis correction

Product Overview


Large Venue Seamless Switchers



Video Scaler


These multi-format products offer the ultimate flexibility for switching analog and digital video signals and conversion between video and computer formats and resolutions. CORIO2 based products provide the benchmark for video image conversion products, coming nearer the ideal of "Anything In - Anything Out" than any other conversion products on the market.

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These multi-format products provide video signal scaling. From simple "video to HDMI" to complex "al-in-All-out" solution, you will definitely find the right product at TV-One.


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Video Switchers


S2 Input Expansion Switchers

Simple Video switcher can switch different Video signals or complex "Seamless switcher" crossfade different video signals.



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The S2 Series are multi-functional products. They can operate as standalone switchers with local and remote control. However, their real power is evidenced when connected to a C2 Series Scaler/Switcher. In their role as Expansion Modules for the C2 Series, the connection between the units via the Options Connector allows seamlessly integration of the S2 unit into the C2.

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Signal Converter



Up Converter, Down Converter, Scan Converter and Format Converter.


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  Multiviewers or Multi-Window Processors allow multiple video images to be displayed on a single display in different windows. All C2 products are based on our exclusive CORIO2 conversion technology and are capable of dealing with virtually any type of analog or digital video signal. 

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Audio Products


Distribution Amplifier

Audio Processors, Amplifiers, Format Converters, Distribution Amps.


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Distribution Amplifiers provide multiple outputs of the input signal, without loss of quality or signal level. Distribution Amplifiers are available for a variety of Video and Audio formats for Digital or Analog signals

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Edge Blending


Signal Transmission Systems

While the C2-2450A is the a dedicated Edge Blending Video Processor and it does have some features not found on other models that make setup easier, many TV One products have Edge Blending capability. These products offer the advantage that when edge blending is not required, they can be used for normal switching and scaling applications

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analog, DVI, HDMI SDI, via Cat5, Cat6, Fiber, Coax



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19" LCD Monitors


Miscellaneous Products

The LCD Monitors are available in a wide variety of screen sizes and configurations to satisfy most applications.

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  Here you can find test pattern generators, time base corrector for Studios and 19“ Power Supplies. 

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