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 Inwall docking solution for Apple and Samsung

  • Motorized docking and release
  • Protect you iPad™ from unauthorized use with iRoom's iDock Touchcode!
  • Secure your Tablet with the fixDock Security-Kit
  • Docking status notification, automatic closing, automatic opening in case of power failure
  • Customize your ideas - made to order in almost any colour
  • Integrated audio outputs
  • All iDocks can also be installed horizontally
  • Always charged and safely stored
  • Full installation flexibility

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iRoom’s iTop is a tabletop iPad Docking Station and control interface for audio, video and any electronic and electrical devices.  The independently programmable keypad is incorporated into the glass faceplate giving the end-user direct access to their most commonly used functions. iRoom´s iTop is equipped with an adjustable connector that charges any iPad with the Lightning port whether it’s an iPad Pro, iPad Air or any generation of iPad mini.

  • Accommodates iPad Pro 12,9“, iPad Pro 9,7”, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini.
  • Quick Access to lights, blinds, volume etc.
  • Direct IP control
  • Relay module controls electrical devices
  • Drivers for all major control systems*
  • Easy configuration with iOS app

*Drivers available for AMX, Bitwise, Compass Control, Crestron, Control4, GIRA HomeServer, Global Caché, Neets, RTI, Savant, Loxone

The attractive aluminum base combined with the sleek glass bezel will convince customers of its luxury appeal. iTop is suitable for Residential, Commercial and boardroom applications. Six backlit, customizable Quick Keys on the glass faceplate can be assigned IP control commands in order to give the user immediate access to audio, video and electronic devices through the home or corporate IP network. This adds convenience to a control environment by providing immediate access to often used functions such as lights, blinds, source select or volume control without the hassle of unlocking the iPad screen, opening the control app and finding the right control. The optional iO83 8-port high voltage power relay module allows for control of devices that don’t have an IP control interface such as lights or blinds. iO83 connects to iTop via LAN or WiFi. This makes iTop a complete stand-alone control device by using its open system architecture to control any IP addressable client while also being able to control electronic devices via the relay module. The Quick Keys can be easily programmed, using iRoom’s iOS configuration app.

iTop includes a PoE+ Injector for convenience and value.  A single cat cable powers iTop and gives it control connectivity at the same time.

In order to customize the Quick Keys, iRoom includes 130 pre-printed icons for all common control functions. This makes the keypad intuitive and easy to operate.

For more complex control scenarios iTop can be integrated with all major third-party control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Savant, Control 4, RTI, Key Digital and more. iRoom provides free drivers that enable the iTop Quick Keys to trigger control functions or control macros that are already programmed with these third-party control systems. When the iPad is used as a control device for the third-party control system iTop becomes the ultimate control interface by housing the iPad with its control GUI and providing Quick Keys directly next to the iPad for the most commonly used control functions.

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iBezel – Control Device with iDock features

iBezel is the next generation iDock. iBezel provides not only motorized, passcode secured iPad release but control functionality via 8 backlit touch buttons that are built into the glass bezel.

Frequently used control functions such as lights, blinds or music volume can be accessed quickly even though the iPad is undocked. iBezel integrates all leading control systems like RTI, KNX, Crestron, AMX, Nest as well as Sonos audio system, Samsung SmartTV and Philips Hue lighting system. Devices with IP port can be controlled through iBezel directly.


  • Control device with iDock functionality for integrated Smarthome and media control
  • Compatible with RTI, KNX, Crestron, AMX, Sonos, Nest, Samsung Smart TV
  • Back-lit touch buttons built into the glass bezel
  • Easy configuration with app
  • Quick access for lights, blinds, music volume etc.
  • Anti-theft protection through touchcode
  • 130 pre-printed symbols for customization of touch buttons
  • Automatic Proximate Sensor wake up / sleep mode
  • Fits in standard iDock backbox