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Uncompressed latency free signaldistribution over standard-networks

ZeeVee is the manufacturer of video and signaldistribution technologies for the Pro-AV and IT-market. ZeeVee is the only manufacturer who is today (2016) able to transmit multimedia content over fiber, CAT-cable and Coax-cables. ZeeVee revolutionized the AV-market with the award-winning HD up to Ultra-HD/4k Solution. 

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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ZyPer4K™distributes uncompressed, 4K video over a standard 10Gb switch.

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  • Only 4K solution available today using off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches.
  • Send uncompressed HD / UHD, 4K video, audio, and control.
  • Distribute and control 4K content from up to 99 miles away.
  • Change sources and content instantly without programming.
  • Unsurpassed scalability – no input/output restrictions.
  • Reduced installation footprint, operating costs and significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership).
  • Create and manage video walls up to 25 screens.

ZeeVee uses a inovative technology to transmit HD or 4K signals  uncompressed  und latencyfree over 10 Gb Networks. If you need signaldistribution or videowall solutions in best picture quality then the ZeeVee products are the right choice.

Key Features

  • Multimedia-over-IP
  • 4k/1080p over 10Gb Ethernet
  • Zero Compression
  • Zero Programming
  • Flexible Input/Output configurations
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Scalable architecture using leading 10Gb switches


  • Utilize existing Network resources
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Single network for AV and IT
  • No more stranded investment

Management Platform

  • LINUX Management Platform
  • Autodiscover all ZyPer devices
  • Zero Programming
  • Simple configuration
  • Feature rich API for 3rd party control systems


Watch the introduction to the ZyPer4k System in this short videoclip

Simply distribute 4K video over a standard Ethernet network.

Encoder Decoder Bild

ZyPer4K Encoder/Decoder

ZyPer4K is available as an encoder / transmitter (for the source), and a decoder / receiver (for the display) to send HD / Ultra HD video as standard network traffic that can be managed and distributed by any typical 10Gb network switch. Simply attach an encoder / transmitter to each one of your sources using the HDMI port, then a decoder / receiver to the HDMI port on the display. The units can be connected directly to each other (point-to-point) or via a 10Gb network switch to enable any source to be shared with multiple displays.

Link to  encoders

Link to decoders

 ZyPer4K Management Platform

ZyPer4K Management Platform

A network appliance that plugs into any standard 10Gb Ethernet switch to enable users to share sources with multiple displays, create video walls, and distribute audio and control signals through the network to each display. Once connected to the network switch, the ZyPer4K software discovers all the displays and sources - eliminating the need for custom programming required by traditional AV systems. It also has an API included to work with legacy control systems and control panels from Crestron, AMX, and others. The software can create and manage a video wall up to 25 screens without extra hardware or custom programming.

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ZyPer4K Accessories

ZyPer4K Accessories

ZeeVee provides a range of Fiber-optic components for use within the ZyPer4K system, as well as NEW rack-mount enclosures and power distribution units for the easy installation of multiple encoders/decoders.

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10Gb Fiber Network Switch

10 Gb Network Switch

ZyPer4K has revolutionized distributing high resolution video by transmitting each uncompressed video frame as standard ethernet packets that can be managed and switched by virtually any 10Gb network switch. By using 10Gb switches from any major brand, you can setup any port either as an input or output - eliminating the limitation of traditional chassis based AV switchers. Each display and source connected to the switch can be automatically recognized, configured, and switched with no frame loss using the ZyPer4K Management Software (sold separately).