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 RCS Rack Series

Stephen Fried presents the new fully configured RCS Rack Series for residential installations

 Viewpoint Consoles

Stephen Fried presents the Viewpoint console for control rooms

 Thermal Management Solutions

Stephen Fried presents the new fans and solutions for cool installations

 Stephen Fried introduces the BGR Rack
 Why Choose Your Next Rack or Enclosure from Middle Atlantic Products?

The racks and enclosures manufactured by Middle Atlantic Products have been designed specifically to address both the needs of the equipment that is being mounted, as well as any limitations or restrictions of the jobsite. In addition, these racks are contractor-friendly and have been designed with many essential time-saving features. A full complement of racks, enclosures and accessories are available from Middle Atlantic Products to meet the requirements of any installation.

 Product Features

Save time and make the installation of your 19” rack or enclosure safer and more efficient with the right products from Middle Atlantic!

MAP systems will facilitate work for the integrator, increase equipment safety and offer a perfect appearance to the user.

Manufacturers of 19" racks and compartments are as many as stars in the sky.
Most of them have their roots in telecommunication or electrical construction. 
There are many manufacturers of 19" racks. Most of them have their roots in switchboard technology or telecommunication. MAP is different: they have their origin in the music and AV industry. MAP has developed its cleverly devised innovative product range with this background and based on their collected experience regarding the requirements of the equipment to be mounted in the racks. In addition to the aesthetic design and professional look of the racks, the focus of MAP is always on the needs of the integrator.


Often enough the location of an installation is not easy accessible Many MAP products are shipped flat and can be mounted within minutes. Single parts can be transported more easily to areas of a building which are difficult to access. With many MAP products, housing and carrying system can be mounted separately from each other. This way, the racks can be preinstalled at the workshop. Afterwards, the final setup can be done quickly and easily on the location.


Frequently, space is limited and free access to the back of the equipment for installation is difficult or even impossible For installations where space is limited, there are racks from MAP which slide out and rotate. This allows an easy access to the back of the equipment during installation and service


The multitude of signal and power connections can result in a chaos of loose and tangled cables A cleverly devised cable management system keeps your cables ordered and ensures a quick and safe installation. This becomes especially important when equipment has to be added to a rack at a later date or when servicing the rack  
Amplifiers and especially satellite receivers develop an enormous heat which has a negative influence on the operation of the equipment in the rack and can reduce its life span An elaborate thermal management concept from single component coolers to high end temperature controlled enclosure cooling solutions increases the life span and performance of the equipment in the rack. Temperature is always kept at an ideal 29,5 °C. Research has shown that a temperature increase of only 5% will reduce the life span of a device by 40%


Often consumer equipment which is not fit for 19” mounting has to be integrated into a rack. This causes difficulties regarding proper thermal management and equipment which is put loosely on shelves will give the rack an unprofessional look
For consumer devices, MAP offers shelves with customized face plates which are laser cut to fit perfectly around any device. The MAP database stores the dimensions of 10000 devices and is growing with every day. The customized faceplates contribute to a professional look of the rack and support a perfect thermal management


Working with cage nuts when installing the equipment can be a pain for the technician. Having to recognize towards the end of an installation that the installed equipment is offset for one cage hole is even more annoying MAP racks have threaded rack rails instead of cage nuts. In combination with the pilot head screws, installation becomes fast and simple offering enormous time saving potential. The rack units are numbered and marked on the rack rails, saving even more installation time and avoiding an offset installation of devices  

These and other innovative and advantageous features set MAP off from other rack manufacturers. MAP racks offer professional solutions to the customer and make the work of the integrator easier and more efficient.   

 Product Overview

MRK Series
Gangable Rack Enclosures 

ERK Series
Stand-alone/Gangable Rack Enclosures

SLIM 5 Series
Aggressively priced modular rack

PTRK Series 
Portable Racks  

RK/BRK Series 
Laminat Racks

WR Series
Roll Out Rotating System in Steel Host Enclosure

AXS Series
Slide Out Rack

AX-SXR Series
Rotating Slide Out Rack

SRSR Series
Rotating Sliding Rail System

SRS Series
Sliding Rail System

REB Series
Rotating Slide Out Base


ASR Series
Rotating Slide Out Shelving System

ASR-HD Series
heavy duty rotating slide out shelving system

DWR Series
Pivoting Wall Cabinet

EWR Series
Aggressively priced Pivoting Wall Cabinet

RSH Series
Custom Rackmount Shelves

Rack Storage
Vent/Blank Panels

Thermal Management
Fan Panels
Filter Panels

 Cable Management  Power Management  

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