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 Global Caché


Global Caché is a manufacturer of IP Bus Devices which use
TCP/IP based networks as infrastructure.
Global Caché boxes have RS-232 and IR ports as well as relay contacts.
The IR ports can be used as sensor inputs which automatically report
any changes over the network! 


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  For technical support please contact: avit-support@comm-tec.de - +49 (0) 7161 / 3000 - 483 



 Global Cache' iTach Flex Wins CEPro BEST Award at CEDIA!

The amazing iTach Flex has won another award! The iTach Flex has tied for the CE Pro BEST Award in the category of Whole House Control. It was chosen by a panel of experts, integrators and editors.

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 NEW: iTach Flex

Steffen Mayer presents the iTach Flex smart control endpoint for all control systems

 Control systems with Global Caché

The communication protocol is open so that you will be able to use the devices with all IP compatible control systems.

For some of the brands available on the market (AMX*, CRESTRON*) there are complete application drivers available for download. For Stardraw Control, the Global Caché driver is already integrated.

 Why Global Caché?

  1. Simple cabling over Ethernet:
    Every IP-Network can be used, no separate bus cable necessary
  2. Price:
    A bi-directional RS-232 interface costs about 30 - 40 Euro (list price)
  3. Control interfaces:
    RS-232 uni-/bi-directional, IR, Relays, contact closures
  4. Easy programming:
    Pre-programmed drivers for AMX*, CRESTRON* and Stardraw Control
  5. All-purpose:
    Compatible to all control systems that can output control commands over a network interface
  6. Flexible application:
    Products can be used as a remote bus device or as a 19“ control port extension in the rack
 IP-Bus Devices of Global Caché

The Global Caché Bus Devices are available in two configurations and four different box formats. With all Global Caché Bus Devices, the power supply as well as all IR cable transmitters are included in the price.

 Type   Ethernet    RS-232
 Infrared / 
 Contact closures  




10 Mbit/s




 154 x 76 x 33 mm 



10 Mbit/s




305 x 76 x 33 mm



10 Mbit/s




445 x 76 x 33 mm



10 Mbit/s




wie GC-100-18
+ Rackmount


  iTach Flex
  • iTach Flex
    iTach Flex, an industry first, is a smart end-point that WiFi or network enables electrical devices instantly. The Flex adds intelligence to the enabled device, allowing events and tasks to be triggered with simple macro commands. In addition, the Flex supports HTML for web browser control from anywhere in the world and includes a real-time clock to support timed events for true automation
 IR Accessories
  • GC-IRL
    IR-Code Learner. Integrated in a 9pol Sub D connector for the operation at a RS-232 interface, either at a PC or at a GC-100 IP-Bus Device.
    Frequency spectrum: 20 KHz – 500 KHz
  • GC-IRE
    IR – RS-232 Extender, used to digitize IR signals to serial information. Integrated in a 9pol Sub D connector, the GC-IRE processes IR signals between 20 KHz and 500 KHz. By using the IR receiver GC-RG1 the GC-IRE provides the receiver with the required supply voltage.
  • GC-RG1
    The IR Receiver GC-RG1 can be installed inconspicuously with its 2m of cable set and its extremely small box (25x5x10mm WxHxD) and allows using any hand-held transmitter (30-72 KHz Carrier) in combination with control systems.

The Global Caché cable sensors are connected to an IR port of the GC-100 IP Bus Devices. When the sensors in operation indicate a change in state, they release an event over the network which can be evaluated by the control system connected to it.

The following sensor products are available:

  • Video Sensor GC-SV1
    The GC-SV1 has a highly resistive sensor input for video signals. The cable with 2m length has a cinch connector with loop through possibility which can be directly connected to a FBAS output. The sensor receives the required supply voltage of 5V from the IR-port of the GC-100.
  • Voltage Sensor GC-SP1
    The sensor detects voltages on 0 or 1. AC/DC voltages from <±2V will be valued as 0, higher ones as 1. Max. input voltage is ± 24V. The output voltage (TTL) is separated galvanically from the sensor voltage (optical coupler).
  • Contact Closure Sensor GC-SC1
    The sensor detects the state of the connected potential-free switches / push buttons. The integrated electronic provides, because of its hysteresis, a debouncing of the controlled contacts.

* The mentioned brands are proprietary of the respective owner