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 Future Automation – motor-driven display mounts

Future Automation is market-leader
for motor-driven display mounts for high end
installations with an experience of 12 years



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Product overview:

 Seamless or invisible integration of media technology

There is nothing that interferes more with the room ambience than a display that is not used. On the other hand this same display has to be in the centre of attention if required. The motor-driven pivot arm and lift systems by Future Automation solve this apparently insurmountable discrepancy in a very elegant way:

  • Special solutions “ready-made”
    - appropriate solutions for displays from 10'' to 85''
    - appropriate mounts for all applications

  • Discreet integration of displays
    - in/on walls 
    - in roof slopes 
    - in partition walls
    - in basements
    - in ceilings  

  • Pivot and swivel function for the optimal viewing angle when the display is not placed in the centre of the room
  • Load capacity up to 120 kg
  • Robust and virtually soundless mechanism
  • Integrated mechanism for flush cover plate
  • 12 years of experience in high end installations

  • Market leader for motor-driven display mounts

 Lift systems for flatscreens

The most unobtrusive place for a display which is not used is in furniture. The lift systems by Future Automation give you freedom and scope for placing it: the lift and pivot mechanism drives the display to the optimal viewing position when it is needed. Thanks to the “drop and roll” mechanism for the cover plate you do not have to compromise about the furniture design for benefitting from the functions – when closed the cover is flush, during operation it is driven into the piece of furniture.

Pivoting plasma lift 

  • Discreet integration in furniture
  • Motor-driven lift and pivot function up to 90°
  • Drop and roll mechanism drives the cover plate into the piece of furniture

Swiveling plasma lift

  • Motor-driven lift and swivel function ±180°
  • Drop and roll mechanism for the cover plate

Compact Lift

  • Compact design for minimum space requirement
  • Flap mechanism for the cover 

Floor Lift

  • Walkable drop and roll mechanism
  • Telescope option for up to 1,7 m lifting

 Wall mounts

With wall mounts by Future Automation no display will be in your way. It parks unobtrusively on the wall or in a rack. It is driven into the optimal viewing position manually or by pushing a button. The large pivoting range gives you a lot of freedom in placing it. Displays do not have to hang in the middle of the room but there where they disturb the room ambience least.


Motorised pivotable wall mounts

  • Pivoting range of up to 90° (quad arm version 170°)
  • Appropriate solutions for screen diagonals from 23” – 65”
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg
  • Electronic system is completely integrated in the mount

Motorised tilt wall mounts

  • Tilt range up to 20°
  • Optimal viewing angle in installations aloft
  • In nonoperating state the display parks directly on the wall – it is flat and unobtrusive
  • For displays of 32” – 50”
  • Electronic system is completely integrated in the mount

Manual wall mounts 

  • Smooth-running mechanism to be operated with one hand
  • Pivoting range of up to ± 60° (± 90° for the double arm version)
  • For displays of 37” – 85” screen diagonal
  • capacity up to 120 kg

 Moving Panel Systems
The Moving Panel Systems perfectly hide the display: Whether behind a tableau with the Picture Lift or behind a spilt tableau or flat speaker system with the Picture Split System or completely in a piece of furniture or a partition wall with a flush closing blind with the Sliding Panel System

Picture Lift

  • Hides displays of 32” – 52”
  • Cover moves smoothly and silently up or down
  • Can be combined with motorised display mounts

Picture Split System

  • Hides displays of 37”-65”
  • Pictures, blinds that fit the room design or flat speakers move smoothly and silently to the side
  • Can be combined with motorised display mounts

Sliding Panel System

  • Hidden installation of displays from 32”-65”
  • Flush cover moves up
  • Display drives out flush
  • Installation in furniture or partition walls
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg
  • SPS/QA version with swivel bracket (±45°)
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