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 BrightSign - Digital Signage Player

BrightSign is a manufacturer of high quality digital signage players.
The BrightSign players are equipped with many features
for automatic and interactive playback of different content on several areas of a display. 


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 BrightSign Series 3 Players

BrightSign - HD3 Features from PR BrightSign on Vimeo.

 General Description

BrightSign products are reliable non-PC, solid-state digital sign and kiosk controllers perfect for driving any stand-alone or networked display.
BrightSign delivers high-definition video, images and audio with superior quality and simplicity and now offers new compact-sized models to choose from.
Media playback is automatic from removable flash memory cards, and interactive features include support for touch screens, buttons, mice and more.
BrightSign also supports networking for remote content delivery, scheduling, synchronization of multiple displays, and zones for displaying multiple impressions on a single screen.
With BrightSign, quality and reliability are delivered in a simple all-in-one solution without complicated PCs, making it ideal for any digital sign application.



 Features LS / HD / XD / and XT Serie
 Authoring Software BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor is designed make it easier to create full screen and multi-zone playlists for looping displays, and also improve the accessibility and implementation of existing BrightSign features such as day-parting and simple networking.
BrightAuthor eliminates the need to create playlists manually using text files and commands.

Some of BrightAuthor's features include:

  • Includes zone templates and custom layout tools are provided to help BrightSign users make eye-catching displays without manually configuring coordinates and image sizes
  • Offers scheduling and day-parting of multiple playlists in a simple calendar format
  • Publishes completed presentations quickly and easily by automatically creating the playlist file and bundling it with the selected content ready to drop onto an SD card for BrightSign playback
  • Supports simple networking with tools that enable networked BrightSign unit s to look for content updates on a Web Server

More Information and the free download of the BrightAuthor you can find here.