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 Aquavison - waterproof In-Wall TVs

The In-Wall solution

In-Wall and Bathroom televisions

Aquavision televisions incorporate the latest state of the art screens with the latest and best features. The televisions were originally designed for use just in the bathrooms, however they regularly appear in kitchens, swimming pool and garden environments, spa’s, sauna’s, and even living rooms. In fact, they appear almost everywhere. All our units feature heated screen areas to prevent the front misting up in humid conditions or even freezing up in cold conditions.They are available in PolarWhite, Black and MirrorVision® finish. This makes the television unit resemble a near perfect mirror when the screen is turned off, but becoming almost invisible when the screen is activated.

The units are controlled via IR or integrated into a control solution via their RS-232 interface. A master and a spill-resistant IR remote control are included. In addition, optional splash-proof wall controls are available. Thanks to the integrated audio amplifier and stereo speaker connections the TV or display solution is perfect.


Bathroom, Pool, Spa, Sauna
Because of its IP66 water resistants,
the inwall TVs can virtually be installed
in every wet environment.
That is the original intention of the
bathroom TV design

Shops and POI / POS
Perfect integrated advertising

What is good for you bathroom of
course also fits into your kitchen.
AQUAVISIOn offers a special range
of TV that fit into kitchen boards and
microwaves slots

Lobby ans Receiption
The exclusive Digital Signage Solution 

IP66 water resistants means also the
product can be used in outdoor
applications such as terrace,
balkony and garden.

Bars and Restaurants
For modestly decorated information
and entertainment